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Liturgy aesthethica cover

Turning to the past once again, this time we are going to take a look at one of the most controversial and boldest albums in black metal: Aesthethica by american four-piece Liturgy.


Introducing: Looking Back. Continue reading after the break for more information about this segment. The first entry to this series is about 2016's instant classic Terminal Redux by american thrashers Vektor.

Mastodon emperor of sand

One of the finest acts in progressive metal is back once more and they have their seventh studio album in tow. Mastodon present their fourth concept album Emperor of Sand, a story about life, death and the battle against cancer.

Caskets open cover

I won't feign familiarity here because I'm actually new to Caskets Open, but Follow Nothing is one hell of an introduction to this band's music.


A dark shadow looms over Portugal as a monstrous entity rears its head to claim its righteous place. The Ominous Circle make their debut and let us bear witness to their Appaling Ascension