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Sprgm sprgm

Finnish Spurgum make an explosive debut with this self-titled record. As the band proclaims on their bandcamp "If you are into High on Fire, Kvelertak and Entombed, this is your thing!"

Conjuror fight or yield

American black metal trio Conjuror unleash their forceful debut and draw you into the addictive, fantasy-themed world of Fight or Yield.

Australis spaces of hope review

Australis is a Minneapolis-based technical death metal band that recently made their debut with Spaces of Hope, after releasing two outstanding EPs between 2010 and 2012.

Ast fraktale

AST is a black metal duo hailing from Germany and Fraktale is the title of their debut full-length album. Fans of Liturgy and experimental black metal should definitely give this one a listen.

Thrawsunblat metachthonia

Often regarded as the spiritual successor to Woods of Ypres, Thrawsunblat stand for emotive and passionate black metal from the american north. Metachthonia is the title of their third album and adds another entry to the list of noteworthy black metal releases of 2016.