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Meshuggah the violent sleep of reason

Meshuggah return with their eighth full-length album The Violent Sleep of Reason, a title that turned out to be rather accurate for this release.

Darkthrone arctic thunder cover

After an excursion to the crusty, punk roots of black metal with 2013's The Underground Resistance, seminal black metal duo Fenriz and Nocturno Culto make their return with Arctic Thunder.

Neurosis fires within fires

Legendary sludge metal outfit and pioneers of post-metal Neurosis return after four years of silence to drop their eleventh album Fires Within Fires.

Sprgm sprgm

Finnish Spurgum make an explosive debut with this self-titled record. As the band proclaims on their bandcamp "If you are into High on Fire, Kvelertak and Entombed, this is your thing!"

Conjuror fight or yield

American black metal trio Conjuror unleash their forceful debut and draw you into the addictive, fantasy-themed world of Fight or Yield.