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Howling sycamore cover

Boasting an impressive line-up, Howling Sycamore make their astonishing debut rearranging the well-established into something new to breathe some fresh air into the progressive metal scene.

State of noise vortex 2018

Taking some time to talk about the state of the website and how things are supposed to go this year as well as reflecting a bit on last year.

Anticipated 2018

With the first month of the new year almost behind us, here's a short list of anticipated releases for 2018. Not all of those are confirmed, but most of them are likely to come out within this year.

Top 10 albums of 2017

Just barely in time, as always, here's Noise Vortex Top 10 Albums of 2017.

Aosoth the inside scriptures review cover

Aosoth are back. Four years after IV: An Arrow in Heart, french Aosoth make a fierce return with their unrelenting and characteristically dissonant fifth album V: The Inside Scriptures.