Gridlink – Longhena

Gridlink is a New Jersey Grindcore band and they released their third album called Longhena in February this year. It’s an impressive piece of technical (and very melodic) grindcore. The whole record, which is barely 21 minutes in length, is one big intense experience!

Grindcore drumming build around fast paced, high tuned guitar riffs and top decked with insane, high pitched, and slightly distorted screams that are occasionally swapped out for mid ranged shouts. The band just takes you by your shoulders and shakes you violently (and melodically!).

This doesn’t mean that the record isn’t diverse though. The band also brings some quiet sections to the table, for example, the third track on the album called “Thirst Watcher”. A 2 minute instrumental piece featuring some strings in the background. String sections are generally featured in some places throughout the album and really help in spicing up the whole intensity with some emotional build up.

The only gripes I have about this album is that the guitars sound really thin and fragile compared to the drums which have a lot of punch and that kind of creates a little imbalance in the mix. I can see how heavier guitars might have had a detrimental effect on the production as a whole though. Gridlink has put quite the effort into this record and presents us with a very melodic and intense grindcore experience.

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