Wishfield – Wishfield

If you’ve been following Noise Vortex for a while you will know that I endorse all kinds of creative takes on established styles. Over the course of this decade, black metal has seen a particular amount of exciting experimentation. Bands like Deafheaven, LantlĂ´s and Alcest left a mark on the scene by defining the blackgaze sound. On their self-titled debut, american Wishfield draw from these bands as they put their own spin on blackgaze with dream pop vocals and outstanding fretless guitarplay. Read More

Idle Hands – Mana

Sometimes a band comes out with an album that begs the question “why has no one done this before?”. Idle Hands prompt this question with their infectious debut album Mana as they fuse epic heavy metal with cold gothic rock. Admittedly, gothic influences in heavy metal aren’t groundbreaking, but Mana’s quality and integrity in uniting these two certainly is. Read More