Noise Vortex Anticipated Albums 2018

After missing my chance to make one of these posts last year, despite preparing for it, I absolutely wanted to do one this year and here it is: Noise Vortex Anticipated Albums 2018. I kept my eyes peeled for hints and announcements dropped by bands that I am interested in and upcoming debut albums that sound promising and compiled a short list of albums and releases for this year.

Some of these already have a release date and if they do I will put it in parentheses behind the artist name. Most of the ones that aren’t confirmed are very likely to come out this year, but there are a few entries which are probably more wishful thinking than anything else.

Abominable Putridity
Antigone’s Fate (26th of January)
At the Gates (18th of May)
Chaos Echoes (15th of February)
Colosso (25th of February)
Crushed!? (26th of January)
Easy Prey (16th of February)
Eigenlicht (16th of February)
Horizon Ablaze (17th of February)
Imperial Triumphant
Knelt Rote (28th of February)
Kosmogyr (9th of March)
Mystagos (1st of February)
Obsydians (EP, Q1 2018)
Oryx (23rd of February)
Panopticon (March 2018)
Portal (26th of January)
Preoccupations (23rd of March)
Primordial (30th of March)
Slugdge (2nd of March)
Sumac (23rd of February)
Visigoth (9th of February)
White Ward

Cadaveric Fumes
Cantique Lépreux
Plague Widow
The Ocean

I’m probably not going to review all of these, or even post about them in any extensive fashion, but these are the releases I’m keeping an eye on for now. This year is looking very promising so far with a lot of big names scheduled to release something early into the year so here’s to a great 2018.

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