Metal in March: Yaldabaoth, Serpent Column, Sørgelig

Where did last month go? It feels like it was just yesterday that I found myself surprised that it was already March. I turn around once and the month has already passed. Much like the rest of this year so far, March has been kind to metal fans. From big releases like Sweven’s debut (reviewed here) to surprise albums and all kinds of other unforseen developments due to the current crisis. Today’s selection is an unholy trinity to keep you entertained at home with more to come. Let’s get into it.

Yaldabaoth – That Which Whets the Saccharine Palate

The first item for today is That Which Whets the Saccharine Palate by Alaska-based Yaldabaoth. After a split with Skopt the to my knowledge anonymous project makes a debut that Aosoth and VI fans should pay close attention to. Not only because of the flawless production work by ex-Aosoth BST but also for their sound. On their debut album, Yaldabaoth present brooding, dissonant black metal. Much like their french peers, Yaldabaoth wrench warring guitars into unlikely melodies, crafting mid-paced atmospheric sections and technical black metal sprints. Merely the front-loaded track lengths hold this album back, making it feel longer than the 44 minutes it is.

Serpent Column – Endless Detainment

American Serpent Column quickly became the new favorite of the underground after first making a name for themselves with Ornuthi Thalassa in 2017. On their fourth release in four years, Serpent Column keep the fire going with their Deathspell Omega gone mathcore sound. Endless Detainment is a no bullshit continuation of the band’s Mirror in Darkness material. Overwhelmingly dense and thick, technical and blazing, dizzying and counterintuitive. Though mix and production once again leave something to be desired, the off-kilter climaxes offer a unique enjoyment in metal. The drumming continues to be the band’s most outstanding feature and calling it absolutely mental would be an understatement.

Sørgelig – Sørgelig

The last item for today is another EP by another highly prolific new force in black metal. Five releases in four years, greek Sørgelig have proven themselves to be one of the fastest evolving bands in the metal underground. On their self-titled EP, the band continue to refine their furious and harrowing oldschool black metal sound. Screeching vocals that put DSBM to shame and the distinctly melodic, unrelenting instrumentation make this EP a particularly intimidating and noteworthy release. Not enough with that, Sørgelig are currently working on a four way split with fellow prodigies of the european black metal underground, Hajduk, Nimbifer and Akantha.

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