Metal in April: Departure Chandelier, Wallfahrer, Whiskey Ritual

Much like the rest of the year so far, April yielded a number of noteworthy black metal releases. Today’s selection of albums is an especially varied mix of bands, each delivering their own vision of metal’s darkest subgenre. Ranging from nostalgic to simply fun, these albums should not be missed.

Departure Chandelier – Antichrist Rise to Power

Allegedly recorded over ten years ago, the music on Antichrist Rise to Power gives no reason to doubt its age. Raw and skeletal oldschool black metal with grand synth infusions builds the framework for the lyrics exploring the life of Napoleon Bonaparte. Despite the simplistic songwriting and rough performances, Departure Chandelier came forth with an album of captivating traditionalist black metal with beautiful synthwork.

Wallfahrer – Rattenritual

Last year, german duo Wallfahrer came out of nowhere with their high-quality debut Anthologie der Abkehr. Their resolute sound made clear that both members of the anonymous line-up are no strangers to the craft. Now, almost year later, the band returned with their second album, Rattenritual. With just a year between this and their debut, Rattenritual is not much of a departure from the band’s first album but simply more of the firmly determined worship of nature and misanthropy the band delivered last year.

Whiskey Ritual – Black Metal Ultras

As someone who isn’t very familiar with black’n’roll, Black Metal Ultras by italian Whiskey Ritual came as a pleasant surprise. As the title implies, the band doesn’t take themselves too seriously in this alcohol-drenched hooligans-meet-Darkthrone experience. With song titles like Death Comes by Limo and 666 Problems and choruses that can withstand excessive levels of intoxication, Whiskey Ritual delivered an album that is as fun as it is true.

This wraps up April and May is already waiting with a barrage of albums featuring new releases by Darkthrone, Gaahl’s Wyrd, Paul Masvidal (Cynic), Bethlehem and many more.

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