Chiral – Gazing Light Eternity

In my latest review I outlined the abundance of one-man black metal bands worth paying attention to that we see in modern day metal and italian Chiral is no exception that. The project was founded by Matteo Gruppi in 2013 and has since released multiple demos and splits as well as an EP and two full-length albums. Gazing Light Eternity is the title of Chiral’s third album and features a wide array of influences, channeled into a summery and mediterranean approach to modern atmopsheric black metal.

Gruppi describes the music of Chiral as follows: His compositions shine of a dim light dwelling through the branches, alternating solar as well as gloomymoments. Folkish instruments are used to guide the listener through contemplation, while gentle veils of synths are crafting a misty and mysterious aura.

In Chiral’s music mid-paced black metal in the style of Falls of Rauros meets with the dense forest atmosphere of Wolves in the Throne Room as it’s complimented by encompassing synths reminiscent of projects such as Lustre. Chiral channels those influences into a familiar foundation and embellishes it with new concepts and additions such as acoustic guitars, elaborate synthwork, tambourines and audio samples.

Gazing Light Eternity consists of four tracks, each constituting a part, with Part I (The Gazer) and Part III (The Crown) building the central pieces of the album as they draw you in with their hypnotic flow and warm atmosphere. Part I (The Gazer) opens the album with some glistening synths and droning, distant guitars. The song is slowly pushed forward by the double-bass as depressive black metal screams cut through the layers of guitars and exchange their place in the spotlight with frequent guitar solos. The song picks up the pace around the midsection before it returns to its initial pattern and moves towards a highly atmospheric outro. Part III (The Crown) is a continuation of Part I in a darker shade, featuring Agalloch-style background cleans and the most intense black metal sections on the album at the climax of the song. Part II (The Haze) is the first of two ambient pieces on Gazing Light Eternity, permeated by lush synths and introspective acoustic guitars fronted by some spoken word and an audio sample whereas Part IV (The Hourglass) features wailing, distant guitars and tribal drums, arranged to samples of the sounds of nature.

Gazing Light Eternity was initially released in October 2016 and is going to be re-released by Folkvangr Records on the 16th of June as a limited tape version with an exclusive bonus track. Part V (The Gazer’s Throne) is a somber and passionate piece incoporating layers of acoustic and post-rock guitars fronted by whispered vocals that gives a promising taste of what is to come for Chiral as Gruppi is currently working an all-acoustic folk album to be released under the project’s name.

The limited tape re-release can be purchased off of the Folkvangr Bandcamp:

Chiral on Bandcamp:

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Note: I was approached by Matteo Gruppi of Chiral to review or feature his music on Noise Vortex. I aim to only present music on this website that I personally enjoy and support as sharing music is one of the main purposes of Noise Vortex.

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