A New Episode of Looking Back and Exciting News!

Today, there are big changes coming to Noise Vortex. The site is supposed to be a creative space where I can share my passion for metal. In addition, I want to challenge myself and keep growing. As part of my efforts to stay true to this, I have decided to take the step from writing about music to making videos about it and today marks the premiere of my first video review!

The first video on the channel is a new episode of Looking Back that I’m really excited about. In this video, we celebrate ten years of Paracletus by french black metal revolutionaries Deathspell Omega. As the last album in the band’s trilogy, Paracletus sees the band outdo themselves as they dial back the comlexity of their music in favor of clarity. While still extremely challenging and ambitious, Deathspell Omega give their tracks more breathing room, atmosphere and more prominent melodies. Ten years later, Paracletus has lost none of its impact and stands tall as a modern classic of the genre.

The reason why there was no new content after the review of Intercepting Pattern‘s debut (go check it out!) was that I took some time to think this over and to figure things out. For now, there are more videos in the works and I hope you will accompany along the way!

That’s it from me, I hope you all stay healthy and safe and have a good one. I will see you next time!

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