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Scar Sighted is the sixth full-length album of Jef “Wrest” Whitehead’s one-man black metal project Leviathan.


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Taking on fairlytales as we know them and twisting them into horrorstories is what dutch symphonic black metal masters Carach Angren set out to do on their fourth studio album called This is no Fairytale and just to get it out of the way beforehand, they succeeded.


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SUMAC is a sludge metal supergroup, featuring members such as ex-Baptists drummer Nick Yacyshyn, Russian Circles bassist Brian Cook and none other than ex-Isis vocalist and guitarist Aaron Turner, who’s probably at his most prolific, looking at his recent output.


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Sylosis have been around since the early 2000’s and started out as a thrash metal band with heavy metalcore influences, which they started to replace with melodic death metal elements since their second record From the Edge of the Earth. Since then they have played a melodic sort of thrash metal but never tried to hide their metalcore roots.

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Being one of the genre’s founding fathers, At the Gates played a huge role in shaping the subgenre in the early 90s, preliminarily breaking up in ‘95 after they basically laid down the perfect blueprint for a melodic death metal album with their fourth release entitled Slaughter of the Soul.