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Bölzer is a black/death metal band from Switzerland and they’re about to release their second EP called Soma on August 5th. Soma will be their sophomore EP following up their 2013 EP entitled Aura.


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Mastodon is an american metal band, that started out as a sludge metal outfit in the early 2000’s and has since then slowly but steadily progressed into a more progressive style of music, which reached its climax in their 2011 album entitled “The Hunter”.


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Gridlink is a New Jersey Grindcore band and they have been brought to my attention by a mention of Anthony Fantano, a music reviewer I’ve been following for some time now.


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Archspire is a canadian technical death metal band that I’ve been following for a few years now. Their first record “All Shall Align” was released in 2011 and has, even though it’s a gem in the tech. death genre if you ask me, never quite received the spotlight it deserves.